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While the terms have been used synonymously, home health care is considered skilled medical care. Typically, a prescription from a doctor will be required to obtain these services, which are then managed by a health care professional, like a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or a therapist. Home health care often includes the administration of medication, medical testing, caring for a wound or injury, help with recovery from an illness and different types of therapy, including physical, occupational and speech-language.

Home Care is a newly coined term which entails care for an individual with non-medical care support or unskilled care. These terms may also include personal care, home maker services, companionship, or custodial care. Based on an individual’s needs, a home care aide will assist with meal prep, laundry, light housework, bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, transportation and mobility. They may also help alleviate loneliness by providing companionship.

Committed Care provides companionship care services such as meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping/errands, transportation to appointments and community outings, medication reminders, grooming, live-in service and respite care. We also provide an extensive list of personal in-home care services. This may include Alzheimer’s disease/dementia care, bathing, grooming, hygiene, mobility assistance, transferring/positioning, toileting/incontinence, and feeding/special diet assistance.

We refer to our aides as caregivers. Our caregivers are trained before we send them out to a client. During the initial assessment with a new client and our Care Team, we create a team of caregivers who possess the specific personality and qualities that suit our client. Each must undergo a rigorous process including national and local criminal background checks, DMV, and personal and professional reference checks. All Committed Care caregivers are bonded, insured, and covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance for our clients’ peace-of-mind. We hire the very best caregivers to become committed caregivers because we only hire people we would want to care for a member of our own family.

Committed Care offers a range of package options for services provided. In addition, we offer some state and government funded payment programs. Please call our local office for more information.

We understand that emergencies arise and need for adjustments at the last minute is a must. Yes, we have staff readily available to assist with unexpected needs. We are available to our clients 7 days, 24hrs, 365 days.

Yes. Committed Care can provide companionship or personal care to residents at assisted living communities and nursing homes who may desire additional attention or personalized care.


The care team of Committed Care establishes an individualized and completely confidential Plan of Care for each client. The purpose is to document the type of home care services needed and when the client would like to initiate care. Once the client, and family members agrees on the Plan of Care, the office staff will use that information to recommend the caregiver who will be delivering the service, establish the schedule and agree to the monitoring and communication. While Plans of Care are reviewed at least every six months, reviews may be more frequent based on state regulations. We offer weekly communication with our clients and caregivers. Modifications to the Plans of Care may be made at any time. We want to ensure that we are providing sufficient care.

While we know emergencies happen, Committed Care believes that a huge factor in promoting wellness and quality of life is through a continuum of care. For this reason, a team of caregivers have been established for each client. Should a family’s routine caregiver, have an emergency, illness or vacation time, we have another caregiver, from the team, to intervene. Changes will be communicated in advance as your safety and security is top priority.


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) describe basic tasks essential for day-to-day functioning. These include tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility and toileting. Many seniors who require help with such activities are largely independent but may require help with one or two ADLs. In some cases, intermittent help from a family member or friend may be enough. However, at times when family or friends are unavailable and scheduling these activities is critical, informal arrangements may not be adequate. This is where an in-home care aide can make a life-changing difference.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) are those activities which are less basic than the traditional ADLs. IADLs, nevertheless, are important in enhancing a client’s quality of life. IADLs include activities such as shopping, paying bills, household chores (cleaning, laundry), and meal preparation. Many seniors require assistance with IADLs rather than ADLs. Some seniors want someone to escort them when they are shopping to prevent falling. Other seniors may welcome assistance with their bill paying and medical appointments. Committed Care offers an array of companionship and in-home care services to assist our clients with the IADLs. Please contact the Committed Care team for more information.

Respite care services provide short-term relief for primary caregivers. Many family’s caregivers experience stress and emotional exhaustion trying to manage their needs with the responsibilities of caring for an elderly loved one. Respite care for the elderly enables family’s caregivers to take much-needed breaks and focus on their personal lives while ensuring their senior loved ones continue to receive compassionate personal care. The in-home respite care program at Committed Care is designed to fit you and your senior loved one's schedules and needs. Our caregivers can visit as often as you desire on a temporary or long-term basis. Respite care is available weekdays, weekends and holidays.